One of our current projects is for us to be approaching business and potential “angel” investors to help us achieve our ultimate ambition of obtaining our own training and games venue, something that no other basketball club or Association has in Melbourne.

In doing so we are offering returns of between 20% and 30% to such investors.

In building our program we need to ensure we can maintain cash flow and prove our viability to any such investors. In consideration of this we thought we should also make this offer to the parents of kids who are participating in our programs. In consideration of this, we have come up with the concept of “BMBA participant Investors”.

If you think your son or daughter is locked in for a period of twelve months or more (especially if they are playing or intend to play) , then why not consider becoming a BMBA participant investor?

If you can pay twelve months of registration fees up front ($1,000.00) then at the end of that twelve months we will provide you with the equivalent of one term of our “Basketball Plus training” (valued at $250.00) FREE of charge to put towards any of our BMBA  training, our holiday camps or your child’s season fees for their domestic season..

Over the initial twelve-month period the $1,000.00 you’ve paid can cover domestic season fees, our training programs or go towards our holiday camps.

The return would not cover uniform costs nor would we pay out the return, it must be used towards any of our programs mentioned above

Example one: You may opt to register your child for four terms of our “Basketball Plus training” and then put the $250.00 towards a fifth term the following twelve months.

Example Two: If your child plays in a BMBA team for both seasons in the yearly period you may opt to use the $1,000.00 to pay what would be the combined fees of $1,000 for that twelve months. You can then put the $250.00 return towards any BMBA program in the following twelve months.

Example Three: You could register your child for two of our holiday camps and a season with a BMBA team. That would be a total of $1100.00 in costs. That would allow you to put $100.00 of your return towards that cost and keep $150.00 towards a BMBA program of your choosing for the following year.

You can choose to structure this any number of ways but no matter how you do it, you  obtain  a return of 25% in for twelve month investment, try and obtain that from one of our banks!

If you would be interested in this opportunity then send me an email to and we can work out the details.