Servicing the local community


Bob  already has thirty-one year history of providing a service to his local community. From that experience he has discovered that parents and families want a sport that is organised, delivers depth in competition where all standards are catered for, wants competent and continued coaching development and proper training in the skills of the game. In the open age market the need is for  competition on a fitness and socially interactive basis, again with competitions that cater for all standards.



Delivering that Service


In delivering that service we have to emphasise quality in all aspects of the BMBA program, from response to enquiries, to provision of information, to the conduct and performance of all BMBA employees, from referees and coaches through to program and competition administrators. In our administrative and governance responsibilities and the deliver of equipment for the conduct of the sport, including the provision of facilities, quality in the service we provide to our members must be paramount. Included in that quality must be honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our service to the members and the community at large.



Respecting the rights of every member, volunteer and employee


We should be endeavouring to appoint the best possible people in roles that are beneficial for the Association. We should respect those people who volunteer their services to the club and provide them with all the support they require. All volunteers and employees should be encouraged to be involved in the planning and direction of the OBA and should be utilised to make the best use of their talent.



The OBA should be having as it’s goal a standard of excellence second to none in it’s provision of service, governance, provision of equipment and facilities.


competition development and depth

standards of coaching,


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