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The Bob Mann Basketball Academy and the Oakleigh Basketball Association is in the business of sports, recreation and   development, specifically basketball and aims to deliver outstanding service in administration, development and provision of facilities. The purpose of which is to deliver a adequate standard for participation for all it’s members and standards second to none for it’s elite teams.

Research, background and expereince

Bob has enjoyed thirty years running Associations, developing programs and competitions and building Associations from the ground up. Through this experience and his exposure to other clubs and Associations affiliated with the sports governing body (Basketball Victoria), Bob has devised several concepts that he knows will deliver a better product that players will want to participate in and in turn will develop participants into better players.

Bob has extreme confidence in this product suite of competitions, training and development as it ran them as he put them to the test when running the Oakleigh Basketball Association in their time at GESAC. In four short years the Oakleigh Association went from seventy members to 500+ members, from a $70,000.00 annual turnover to one of close to $500.000.00 per annum. Beginning with ten teams Bob used these ideas and concepts to grow teams participating in the Oakleigh competitions to over 200.  


He did this by doing the following:


  • Providing longer game times for domestic games than other Associations. Teams received an hours allocated game time while at other Associations at best they received 45 minutes. A focus was put on delivering for members by providing professional services to playing members, through coaches, referees and administrators.
  • All junior domestic teams had coaches appointed that were transparent, properly trained and paid as proper employees within a profession. These coaches had to be recruited from a basketball background so EVERY child received the benefit of knowledgeable and experienced coaching.
  • Competitions were structured with innovative game rules and season by-laws that focused on developing players rather than a win at all costs mentality that exists at other Associations.
  • The referees branch was constructed, trained and supervised to ensure it delivered a professional service rarely seen at competing Associations.

These innovative competitions and programs provided a basketball product not seen in Melbourne previously and gave the Association enormous leverage in it’s marketing and promotions as it could legitimately claim to be able to provide a superior product to the community and it’s participants.

Through all of this the Oakleigh Basketball Association’s memberships grew, team numbers in competitions grew, revenue grew and results through the junior representative teams were outstanding for such a small club. This was so successful that neighbouring Associations became concerned with the rapid growth of the Association and conspired with the sports governing body to tear down the Association das it presented too much of threat to their membership numbers.


From this live trail Bob, knows if his unique basketball product can be replicated in a proper business model where nobody can threaten it’s existence, it will thrive and achieve the numbers within this business plan.


The region we service has a varying demographic and psychographic pattern. With players recruited from affluent areas such as Brighton, East Brighton, Bentleigh, Malvern  across to suburbs such as Clayton and South Oakleigh. The area we service covers five local cities, Monash, Stonington, Glen Eira, Bayside and Kingston. Of these five Local Government areas (LGA’s) or councils three have been identified in the top ten  in the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 census for Household  Wages and Salaries. On the flipside we service Monash and Kingston who are both over $12,000.00 below the average for both Stonington and Bayside.



The average age of our LGA’s is similar except for Bayside which has an average of 40.7. The other 5 LGA are around the mid t0 high 30’s region. Glen Eira’s is 37.9, Monash is 38.6, Port Phillip.34.8, Kingston is 38 and Stonnigton 35.6



So at a glance this indicates our demographic would be made up of many established double income families. Further          research of ABS figures shows a large distribution of households with children and parents with management or professional occupations especially in the LGA’s in the top 10 of wages. This means that while the OBA has an affluent population in certain demographics to draw from it must ensure it keeps it costs at an affordable rate if it wishes to attract participants from the Monash and Kingston councils especially.


In a 10kn radius it has 100+ primary schools, 25 secondary school several shopping and business districts and multiple industrial districts.


These figures also show many of  these double income families children getting to an independent age of their own. All           figures suggest that our direct demographic provides a population that supports  the competitions we provide. These are:



  • Introduction programs for 5-10 year olds
  • Domestic competition for U/9’s through to U/18’s for boys and girls
  • Domestic competitions for young adults 18 to 35
  • Mature age competitions for over 35’s and above

The bottom line is that these figures show a population in these ages groups with an income more than capable of supporting this sport.


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