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Issue Number One for 2023


Thursday, 6th April, 2023

After a busy start to 2023 we're back!

A new year, four new teams, a new logo, a new coat of arms, new uniforms and a new competition. We have been extremely busy to start in 2023, but we have now settled down our new teams and ready to get our schools program up and running once more in 2023.


Last year we visted close to twenty schools and conducted free clinics for over five tousnad students. We conducted four holiday camps and brought elite level coaching to kids who have never received it before. This led to a 400% growth in junior player numbers, a result we are very pleased with but at the same time not content with. 


Our goal is to keep building the BMBA Templar Warriors Basketball Program in 2023 and beyond. We have already booked in our first schools for 2023 with the BMBA set to visit one of favouriye schools at St Joseph’s PS in Elsternwick in Term two.


Why not have our wonderful Christian based basketball program visit your school and allow us to expose your students to the great sport of basketball and encourage some excitement about becoming involved with the BMBA.

What we are offering your students and school in 2023!

In 2023 we are offering your school and students the following.


♦   FREE clinics at your school for all of your students.

♦   Holiday Camps in the June and September Holidays

♦   Terrific elite-level training camps for students to learn the game and dramatically improve their skills

♦   Great introductory programs for 5 to 10 year olds who want to explore the game in a fun environment

♦   Opportunities to join one of our wonderful BMBA Templay Warrior teams.

♦   All of the above programs are conducted by experienced coaches with elite level knowledge of the game.


Read below for more information.

Are we using the correct email

Whenever a new school year commences, new staff arrive while others leave. If this email that we are using to send this online newsletter to you then please let us know by sending me an email to


Christianity through Hoops

We have designed a “Christianity through Hoops” program to complement Catholic schools and Christian schools more generally.

Our purpose is not just to develop better basketball players, but also to develop better people. We believe sport can be a great influence on our youth in a good way and what better way to do it than to reinforce Christ’s message not just to our players but to their parents and wider networks as we build our basketball program.

To build what we ultimately have ambitions for, it would be great to build partnerships with Catholic and Christian Schools alike.

Please read this email and ones from earlier this year and if your school would like to assist us in building this program, then please get in contact with us to discuss our plans and objectives.

News, announcments and updates

FREE School Clinics a huge success in 2022!

As we said in our article above we visited close to twenty schools in 2022, some of which are pictured below, to conduct FREE clinics for over 5,000 students. This week we are conducting our last clinic for the year at Valkstone Primary School in Bentleigh East. Schools are currently booking us in for clinics for 2023 right now, so make sure your students don’t miss out and get us booked in for 2023 before the term ends via our contact details at the foot of this page.

BMBA Teams start in the Southern Basketball Association for the first time.

All of our BMBA teams have completed their grading phase and now have commenced their “season proper”. Here is a summary of how they are going.


Under 10 Girls – 3 Wins 1 Loss – Ladder Position 2nd

The Under 10 Girls have had a great start to their season having won several games with one draw and a close loss in the mix. More importantly, the girls are showing improvement with each and every game. That should them have a very strong debut season.


Under 12(1) Boys – 1 Win, 1 Loss 1 Bye – Ladder position 7th

The Under 12(1) Boys won their first game last Saturday in convincing fashion. The boys had yet to win a game before that but had been extremely close before this win. This was a win that was thoroughly deserved and now that the boys have broken the ice, they can settle into their season and ensure they secure even more wins as they continue to improve with each week.

 Under 12(2) Boys – 2 Losses 1 Bye – Ladder position 10th

Our U12(2) boys are made up entirely of boys in their first season. For this season our entire focus is on teaching them the game and getting them as much game experience as possible, where they develop new skills and learn the rules and nuances of the game. Our only expectation is for the boys to play hard and improve with each week. They are doing that already and played their best half of the season last Saturday.


Under 18 Boys – 4 Wins – Ladder position 1st

Our U18 boys have already had a season under their belts along with tournament experience and that along with the training that they have been receiving for the past twelve months is starting to bear fruit. The boys have had three comfortable wins and currently sit on top of their competition ladder and are playing some great team basketball. A good season beckons if they keep working to improve.

Can you help us to provide even more FREE clinics in 2023?

To continue to provide our FREE clinics at schools such as yours in 2023, we need to ensure that the various basketball programs that we conduct outside of schools hours are well supported. Anything your school can do to help us promote the below programs would be greatly appreciated. For the keener schools we can even bring these programs to your school and run them after school hours on site for your students. All we need is enough interest and enthusiasm from staff and students.


For social media and newsletter purposes, you can can right click on all the flyer images below to save them as a jpeg file, or you can click on the link provided below each flyer image to download a pdf file version.our

In 2023 the BMBA will be providing a wide range of programs that caters for every level of junior basketball. Check them out below.

June 2023 school holiday camps.

September 2023 school holiday camps

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

After-School Elite level training for everybody.

Our Great Introductory program for beginners

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

For the more serious players, in 2023 they can join us on our AAU journey.

In 2023 the BMBA will be looking to exploreenter into AAU tournaments.

AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and originated in the USA to give athletes the chance to showcase their talents to potential college and pro scouts. The AAU has also brought its competitions to Australian shores and we want to give our BMBA teams a chance to participate in these AAU tournaments here. Our ultimate ambition is to travel to the USA in 2024 and beyond to participate in their elite tournaments that are conducted in various states there.

The AAU ambition is a longer-term one. We hope to play in tournaments sometime in 2023 in Australia, but we are looking further forward for our younger participants, where they can dream of bigger things with the chance of a USA tour later in their secondary college school years.

Keep an eye out for further details in online newsletters in 2023. If you would have students you think that would be interested in this amazing opportunity, please provide them with our email at the foot of this page for them to contact us to register their interest.

Why the Templars?

We chose the Templars as we believe some values are eternal.

We don’t just want our symbol/mascot to project strength and tenacity, we want it to be something that defines our culture and the values we want to embed amongst our participants and players.


While the Templar Knights were fierce Medieval Warriors, they also lived by a code of honour, respect, courage and they dedicated their lives to self-sacrifice in the pursuit of servitude towards others.


We believe that this represents the culture we want to build within our program perfectly.

Christianity through Hoops

As we said earlier in this email we have designed a “Christianity through Hoops” program to complement Catholic schools and Christian schools more generally. Our purpose is not just to develop better basketball players, but also to develop better people. We believe sport can be a great influence on our youth in a good way and what better way to reinforce Christ message not just to our players but their parents and wider networks as well

Younger Kids

We do our best to group participants to match their ages and abilities as much as possible. This ensures the kids obtain as much enjoyment as possible from their time with us. Generally, for younger kids, the emphasis is as much on having some fun while being taught some new skills to use in their domestic games or programs.

In teaching these skills we do so as much as possible through drill formats with the kids in teams and engaging in competitive drills with plenty of encouragement and with more emphasis on attempting to use their newly taught skills as on winning. 

Older Kids

For our older groups, we teach them more through simulated match situations and scrimmage games. Drills are still used but with the mindset of using these drills to develop skills for games situations and then putting them into those game situations.

While still focusing on enjoyment and fun, older participants are normally looking for more challenging training and coaching with a greater emphasis on competition and challenges with the skills being taught. 


Our training is designed for both boys and girls. Where numbers permit we organise girls into “girl only” groups which make things more enjoyable for the girls. We also design different skills challenges for the girl’s groups.

In the unusual event (especially in the older groups) that a girl or girls would prefer to join in with the boys, we would look at that situation where capabilities permit it.


Of course, our training is open for boys as well.  As with the girls, we look to form them into boys-only groups. This again is dependent on the number of enrolments we have.

These groups are sorted along both age and capability lines as well as keeping kids in their friendship groups where possible. Most importantly, as best as possible we place participants in groups where they are comfortable with their current skill level and where they can obtain the most enjoyment from their participation in the BMBA program.

For the more motivated

We also have groups for those players who are more motivated and wish to obtain more serious training to improve their game. We can either form them into a separate group or embed them in a group and simply provide them with more challenging drills and skills for them to use and learn from.

They will receive condensed high-level coaching and drills that will challenge them and help them improve their current skills considerably or learn new ones for future games and opportunities.

Our Coaches

Our Coaches are predominately players Bob has brought through with him via his caching career. They all have predominately graduated through Bob’s representative basketball programs. We also recruit coaches from Universities and schools who have either played or coached at a high level. All our coaches are trained in the drills and basketball programs that we implement and are supervised through all our sessions. Naturally, all of them will have to obtain and provide Working with Children Checks to be able to work with us, where they are old enough to have one.

Our Venues

At the moment we operate from four indoor school venues. These are at



Wellington Secondary College in Mulgrave


McKinnon Primary School in Ormond and


Westall Primary School in Westall


If your school would like your students to have access to our coaching and training to take advantage of the wonderful programs listed in this newsletter then get in contact with us via our details below.




Book a clinic today!

We are now ready and willing to go. So book us in to visit your school to promote our sport, our program and the possibilities we can present for many of your students.

CLICK HERE to contact us today to book us into a visit to your school.




CONTACT MOBILE: 0490 823 400

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