Community through Hoops - Join us in this adventure

In these modern times of social media and internet communication, it can be a tough and lonely at times to be a person who covets old school values, especially so for parents who are looking to instil those values in their youngsters. 


In response to this, we have started The “Community Through Hoops” basketball program. Through this program, we intend to bring kids from within the community together through the sport of basketball while introducing them to values that have been embraced by society since time immemorial and values that we believe should be endurable well into the future. 


In doing this, we not only want to teach them the game we love, but we want to teach them how to be the best person that they can be. We also want to let them realize that in embracing these values they are not alone. This will allow them to create new friendships and bonds, to receive wonderful training and development in the sport of basketball and to do all this in a positive environment.


In American sports it is common for teams and coaches to for example to say the a team prayer before and after games together.


Something as simple as this can make a difference to a child when they see adults embracing values that others may ridicule. We want to instil a sense of community within the BMBA that bring together people from all walks of life, demographic and cultures. We also want to make sure our  juniors also engage in programs outside of basketball to give something back to our communities. Hence why we have started “community through hoops”

Why the Templars?

We chose the Templars as we believe some values are eternal.
We don’t just want our symbol/mascot to project strength and tenacity, we want it to be something that defines our culture and the values we want to embed amongst our participants and players.
While the Templar Knights were fierce Medieval Warriors, they also lived by a code of honour, respect, courage and they dedicated their lives to self-sacrifice in the pursuit of servitude towards others.
We believe that this represents the culture we want to build within our program perfectly.
.All of this through playing basketball!

Our objectives

Our Objectives are:- 
  • To visit Primary and Secondary Schools and conduct clinics.
  • From those clinics to invite interested children to come to some training sessions.
  • From those training sessions to form teams.
  • Enter those teams into competitions and tournaments throughout Melbourne.
  • Conduct social and family events to build the club community.
  • Use social media and mainstream media to promote the club and our community values.
  • For schools that are interested, for them to use our club to help coach their school teams in school competitions.


We believe this will just be the beginning and when the BMBA Templars are properly established we will be able to cater for other sports, conduct our own competitions and ultimately manage our own venues. At that point, those venues will be outfitted to reinforce our values and our message. If you would like a simple way to help us in embracing those values and spreading that message while giving your son or daughter the opportunity to enjoy their sport, then register them today!

Can you help?

To successfully launch and establish this program we need assistance from people within schools, both primary and secondary. If you are a teacher, sit on a school board or are simply an active parent at a school you could assist by: –
  • Promoting us through things such as the school through fliers to students, notice boards, email newsletters, mentions at assembly.
  • We would also be more than happy to visit schools to talk to students and conduct clinics at no cost to the school or students.
  • We would also be happy to visit schools to speak to people about our program.
  • Maybe you could help us with photocopying
  • if your school has a court, either indoor or outdoor we could look to use these for training and games.

Naturally, we would look to pay for things such as copying or venue hire or the like from club funds as we accumulate them. All we ask is that while we are promoting the program through your school and running things such as clinics for no cost for example, that there is no fee charged during this time.


We would love to come out to your school to discuss the program, how you can support us and what we can do for you. We will certainly be contacting you, but if you would like to initiate things then please send me an email by clicking the button below

Do you want to register your child?

 If you would like a simple way to help us in embracing those values and spreading that message while allowing your son or daughter to enjoy their sport, their team and their teammates while building these values at the same time, then have them registered today by clicking the button below! 

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As we spoke about above you can see examples from the videos below, that unlike in Australia, in the USA many junior sports teams join in prayer (for all faiths or lack thereof) before or after their sports even using them in their pre-game motivation while also praying for their opponents and to honour their code. This is done in the states before and after a game and in some instances even in training. I think this is an extremely healthy thing to do and develops an environment where youngsters and adults are strengthened through that prayer and each other and are reminded what really is important in life. 

If we are successful in this endeavour and we can have our teams engage in something similar to this then imagine the impact on others it can have!  It doesn’t matter what faith you have or don’t have, this is an effort to express goodwill to and empower respect towards each other.

Our goal is to love our sport, our code and each other and to help build and mentor better players and people. 

Come along and join us in that effort!