Eltham Tournament – Our Boys are In!

Our Under 16 Boys have just completed their first domestic season and now they have entered their first ever Eltham Dandenong tournament. Not bad for a bunch of boys who have mostly never played competitive basketball before this past season.

This team has now evolved into an Under 16 and Under 18 team for the upcoming Autumn season, but before starting that, they will participate in the world’s largest junior tournament. The Elthan tournament is helf over 4 days where they will play a minimum of five games; more if they make finals.

The tournament is held between January 26th and 29th and the boys will come up against high-level teams of a rep standard for the first time. Previously our teams have done very well in these sorts of tournaments and while we are hoping to acquit ourselves well, the experience alone will be a great experience for these boys.

In their just completed domestic season, the boys evolved from a team that had no idea about the game, let alone how to play, to one of the most competitive teams in their competition. They recorded four win and were desperately unlucky not have several more. One of those wins being over the eventual premiership team of their division.

So we have no doubt about how competitive the boys will be during this tournament. Not only are we looking forward to the tournament, but we are looking forward to this being the first of many BMBA teams entering into various suxh tournaments into the future.