Over the past four weeks we have had the privilege of coaching students at Huntingdale Primary School. We have been so very impressed with the potential we saw from those students and now want to give them the opportunity to build on those clinics and continue with their basketball experience.

What Now?

If we have generated some interest in your son/daughter about the game and you wish to follow up on our clinics at Huntingdale, then please read the below to decide what suits you and your child the best.

After School Training on Fridays

We will be conducting training sessions at Huntingdale Primary School itself  (Weather permitting) on Fridays between 3:45pm and 5:15pm directly after classes finish.

The kids will be put into a proper training program as a opposed to a clinic and these will be conducted over term 3 and potentially term 4. The goal of these sessions would be teach the kids the fundamentals of the game and as numbers permit forming teams for domestic competitions at either Southern Basketball Association or the McKinnon Basketball Association.

This is a great way to about preparing kids for competition as opposed to throwing them straight into a competition with no preparation and a coach with no idea. Huntingdale kids will both a proper preparation through their training and enjoy the privilege of having an experienced and knowledgeable basketball person as a coach. 

Other Training Options

The BMBA have secured space at both Wellington Secondary College and at McKinnon Primary School in their indoor gyms. So if you cant make our after school training sessions at Huntingdale Primary School or you would prefer that your child trains out of the elements of Melbourne’s weather then these are both great options.

Our Wellington Secondary College sessions will be available between 5:00pm and 8:00pm on Tuesday evenings and at McKinnon Primary School our session will be available between 6:30pm and 8:00pm on Friday evenings and between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on Sunday Afternoons. As they are indoor and rental fees are involved, the cost per term is higher.

We also hope to be announcing early next term even more options at Westall Secondary College.

Is our "Kids First" program a better option?

If you child is in the younger age groups (Prep to grades two) and is just beginning in the sport and not ready for competition, then you should consider our Kids First basketball program. As it’s name implies we put the kids first i this program and keep the skill development easy, simply and progressive and conduct sessions in a non-pressured environment.

Once ready we then transfer them into proper team training and development sessions. How long this can take will differ for every child. The program goes over a full term and we assist parents with their child’s development with feedback at the end of each term. These sessions will be offered at both Wellington SC and McKinnon PS.

Just want to train?

Finally, your son/daughter may not be ready yet to join a team for competition or may lack the confidence to do so. That is fine, we are more than prepared to just train players interested in the game and work with them to build their skill level and confidence through after-school training. 

We have no issue wih this and are happey to develop players skills, knowledge of the game and confidence until they are ready to take on competition. Normal training fees would apply in this case.

Do you have questions join us via our Zoom Q and A meeting

Would you like more information before deciding on what to do? Then we have the perfect thing. We have been holding zoom Q and A meetings every Monday and Friday evening for interested people to get online and find out more directly from us. You can register for these meetings by  CLICKING HERE

Register here for the above training/programs

To register for our training programs outlined on this page go to the following links

St Michael’s Grammar after-school training CLICK HERE

Huntingdale PS after-school training CLICK HERE

Wellington SC after-school training CLICK HERE

McKinnon PS after-school training CLICK HERE

A link for our Kids First training will be published this week.



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