Join the BMBA in 2020 – Term One Registrations now open

Join the BMBA in 2020 – Term One Registrations now open

Are you looking for some quality basketball coaching and training for your child?

Do you have a son or daughter who is looking to play but needs to 

learn the basics?

Is your child playing rep basketball and looking to develops some advanced skills?

Does your son or daughter simply want o to learn more about the game so they can enjoy it more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we can help you out through quality coaching developed from thirty years of experience.

My name is Bob Mann and I have coached every level of basketball in my thirty years of experience. From the very raw beginner to players who have gone on to represent the country and play at NBL level. Your child won’t receive better coaching to develop their basketball or more committed coaching to ensure the development of your child’s fundamental skills.

If your son or daughter is a keen trainer, attentive, focused and a good listener we can improve all facets of their game. Whether it’s dribbling, passing, shooting perimeter play or post-work, we can teach your child the lot.

If your child is a youngster between 5 and 10 years of age, we have our “kid’s first program” which teaches them the basics and introduces to different aspects of the game in a fun environment. This is a great way for kids to prepare and get ready for competition basketball, develop new friendships and to be formed into teams with those friends. 

Anybody can join these programs whether you are currently playing at another club or looking to join one. The BMBA is open to everybody, we just want to teach the skills of the game properly. Opportunities will also be available to join a BMBA Templars team if desired.

We not only provide a greater standard of coaching but we also provide longer training sessions. Our “Kids First sessions” go for sixty minutes, our normal training goes for ninety minutes.

Through the BMBA you won’t find the following.

  • A coach without the knowledge to teach your child properly
  • A parent or relative as a coach
  • a 30 or 45-minute training session
  • Coaches on mobile phones instead of teaching players
  • Absence of any structure or system in your child’s training

To find out more about the BMBA training programs and to register your child or children please CLICK HERE



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