BMBA June 2023 Holiday Camp

Looking for something for your kids to do over the holidays? Want to get them active and out of your hair. Well, the BMBA has the perfect answer as once again we are conducting our fantastic holiday camps in June/July. This time it will be held at  De La Salle College in Malvern.


Our camps are great for working parents as they can drop the kids of from 8:00am and collect them as late as 5:00pm. Our camps are overseen by coaches and players with high-level experience, so they not only have a lot fun, but learn more skills, gain more knowledge and are mentored by people with great experience in the sport.

At De La Salle College, Malvern

The Camp will be conducted at De La Salle College in Malvern. Make sure you book early to ensure your spot. 


De La Salle College is located on Hight Street, Malvern. 


Check entry details below for both venues.

De La Salle College - Venue Entry

To enter the stadium/gym at De La Salle College you need to park on Dalny Street and enter the gym via it’s entrance  on Stanhope Street. They gym is located directly on Stanhope Street.


The map on the rights shows where you need to go. 

Featuring Import Player Joe Davis

Joe is 6-6 power/shooting forward that we are bringing out from Canada to help us build the BMBA program in 2022. Joe played his college career at Thompsons River University, where earned All-Star honours and was named co-captain of his University team, on top of finishing his Career with the Wolfpack as the programs leading scorer in it’s history. 


To find out more about Joe Check out this article by CLICKING HERE.

And Veteran coach Bob Mann

Bob Mann is the founder of the BMBA academy and a coach with over thirty years of experience. Bob founded and built the McKinnon Basketball Association, resurrected the Oakleigh Basketball Association, served as a youth league coach at Keysborough and over the past two years has been head coach at the Melbourne University for their BIG V & UBL program.


Most notably Bob has played a large part in the development of three juniors into NBL players, USA college players, Victorian Junior State representatives and Australian National junior representatives.


CLICK HERE to see his coaching resume.

Our Structure

We will be conducting a fantastic holiday camp for both boys and girls of all age groups in June 2022.


Camp Dates : –Tuesday 4th of July through to Thursday 6th of July at De La Salle College. 


Times for each day for these camps are conducted between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm

We have have a 15-minute break midway through the morning and afternoon sessions of each day participants and we provide a supervised lunch break between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. Parents will need to provide snacks and lunches for their kids.


Participants will be able to be dropped off between 8:00 am and 9:00am. Child pick-up can happen between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

What makes our camp different

Our camps are different and unique in a number of ways. These difference include
  • An hour is allocated at both the start and finish of the camp for the drop-off and pick-up of camp participants. Ideal for working parents or just parents who need to get their kids out of their hair for a day.
  • Online videos are produced and provided to cover what we teach our participants at camps so they can reinforce the skills they are introduced to.
  • Camp coaches are players and coaches with extensive experience at playing or coaching in high-level representative levels.
  • Camps are integrated with our after-school training to maximise the skills being taught to our participants.
  • Further opportunities are made available to camp participants, through teams in domestic and tournament competitions.
Camps are designed to cater for a number of skill areas over the three days ensuring every participant walks away with something that will benefit their game. 
More importantly camp participants will be able to follow up what they learn at camp  via our online videos once our camp has concluded.

Our Camp Flyer

Help us by sharing our camp flyer at your child’s school. Email it to friends and colleagues and help us make this camp as much fun as we possibly can for camp participants.


Click on the photo on the left to obtain a PDF version of this A3 flyer just CLICK HERE 

Further Camp Information

Younger Kids

We do our best to group camp participants to match their ages and abilities as much as possible. This ensures the kids obtain as much enjoyment as possible from their time with us. Generally, for younger kids, the emphasis is as much on having some fun while being taught some new skills to use in their domestic games or programs.


In teaching these skills we do so as much as possible through drill formats with the kids in teams and engaging in competitive drills with plenty of encouragement and with more emphasis on attempting to use their newly taught skills as on winning. 

Older Kids

For our older groups, we teach them more through simulated match situations and scrimmage games. Drills are still used but with the mindset of using these drills to develop skills for games situations and then putting them into those game situations.


While still focusing on enjoyment and fun, older participants are normally looking for more challenging events with greater emphasis on competition and challenges with the skills being taught. 


Our Camps are designed for both boys and girls. Where numbers permit we organise girls which make things more enjoyable for the girls. We also design different skills challenges for the girl’s groups.


In the unusual event (especially in the older groups) that a girl or girls would prefer to join in with the boys, we would look at that situation where capabilities permit.


Of course, our camps are open for boys as well, as with the girls we look to form them into boys-only groups. This again is dependent on the number of enrolments we have.


These groups are sorted along both age and capability lines as well as keeping kids in their friendship groups. Most importantly, as best as possible we place participants in groups they are comfortable in with their current skill level and where they can achieve their most enjoyment from the participation in the camp.

For the more motivated

We also have groups for those players who are more motivated about serious training to improve their game. We can either form them into a separate group or embed them in a group and simply provide more challenging drills and skills for them to use and learn from.


They will receive condensed coaching and drills that will challenge them and help them improve their current skills considerably or learn new ones for future games and opportunities.

Our Coaches

Our Coaches are predominately players and coaches I have brought through and trained through my representative basketball programs. I also recruit coaches from Universities and schools who have either played or coached at a high level. All our coaches are trained in the drills and holiday programs that we used and are supervised through all our camps. Naturally, all of them will have to obtain and provide Working with Children Checks to be able to work with us where they are old enough to do.

Register Now

So if you like what you’ve read then register your child today to be a part of a camp, that will be fun engaging, challenging for those who want it to be and just a fulfilling time all around. Click on the links below to register and pay.

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CLICK HERE to obtain a camp indemnity form. These need to be completed and returned before your child attends a camp. 

NOTE: To be registered participants MUST HAVE paid “BEFORE” attending.