MUSports return to play guidelines

MUSports return to play guidelines


1. Club members exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or who may be feeling unwell, MUST not attend training (activities) and should seek medical advice and clearance before returning to training                                                                                             

 2. In the event of a club member testing positive to COVID-19:          

a. They MUST immediately notify Campus Community

b. The member MUST then notify Will Burrell (club president) on 0401 159 859. 

3. Will Burrell MUST immediately notify MU Sport in accordance with the Club Critical Incident Procedure (phone Club Coordinator Tom Mullumby on 0432 357 889 or Sport Development Manager Rod Warnecke on 0403 199 700)                           

4. MUBC MUST immediately suspend the impacted club training groups and direct participants to self-isolate, while following all University directives 3.3.                                                                                                                                                                 

5. Training is to be conducted in small groups (not more than 20 athletes/participants plus a coach or the minimum number of support staff reasonably required to manage the activity) with adequate spacing (not more than 1 person per 4m2).

6. Training is strictly delivered as ‘Get in, train and get out’ sessions – participants should prepare for exercise at home by arriving at training already dressed to exercise (no access to changerooms or toilets will be permitted) and being encouraged to shower (full body wash with soap) before leaving for training.                                                                                      

7. Where practical, athletes and other personnel should maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m (e.g. between training drills/efforts).                                                                                                                                                                                             

8. Training is to be delivered in a non-contact environment (e.g. no scrimmaging) and there should be no unnecessary celebratory body contact (e.g. hand shaking, high fives, etc).                                                                                                                      

9. Participants should shower (full body wash with soap) at home immediately after returning from training.                        

10. Equipment (balls, cones, etc) should be cleaned with disinfectant prior to, in between and immediately after all training sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

11. There is to be no socialising, provision or consumption of food during training.                                                                   

12. Spectators are not permitted to attending training. Where a parent/guardian is required to drive a participant to training, they should drop off/pick up only and not remain in the Sports Precinct during training.            

13. Club members are encouraged to use common sense when travelling between training and activities including not car-pooling with other members, regularly cleaning their vehicle and following social distancing and hygiene guidelines if using public transport      

14. Face masks to be worn pre and post session. Participants strongly encouraged to wash/dispose masks after sessions.

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