At the BMBA we are looking for individuals, businesses and corporates interested in becoming partners in our basketball journey and adventure in bringing elite-level coaching to juniors across Melbourne’s South Eastern and Eastern suburbs. This page provides information on the different partnerships that you can engage with to support the objectives of the BMBA.

These are

  • Sponsorships
  • Business Investors
  • Business Service Clientele

These options are covered in the section and video presentations below.

The most common partnership between business and sporting bodies is through a sponsorship. At the BMBA because we hire our venues we are restricted with signage. From our perspective that simply means we need to be more innovative which actually makes us look at methods that will provide far greater exposure than hanging a sign in a gym. At the BMBA if your business becomes a sponsor you can receive the following.

  • An ad on business directory through the BMBA
  • An ad on the business directory through our online newspaper “The Community Forum”
  • An ad through our members email/online newsletter.
  • An Ad on our schools newsletter that goes out to 200 schools.
  • Publication of promotions and offers your business may provide from time to time.