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Issue Number Two for 2023


Friday, 23rd June, 2023

BMBA continues to build.

Last Sunday, the 18th of June, the BMBA concluded its Autumn season at the Southern Basketball Association and recorded its first junior premiership.


Over the past twelve months, the BMBA has been consistently building it’s program across a number of areas. Our portfolio of schools that we work with has been growing and recently we have made significant inroads with the Catholic school system. This term we have begun to return to schools we ran clinics at in 2022 solidifying our relationships with them with clinics in 2023. We also have locked-in clinics at new schools in terms three and four where we are looking forward to building similar relationships. We can gladly now claim to have over twenty schools in our growing portfolio. Add along with that our four new teams and growing numbers in our training programs and growing access to venues and our new holiday camp format and the BMBA is set to launch to another level over the next twelve months.


With a new brand with our new coat of arms, our uniforms and coming merchandise, we are looking forward to the BMBA brand becoming widely recognised as one of excellence in junior development within the basketball community in the coming years.

The BMBA is excited to be conducting holiday camps in the upcoming June Holidays and later in the year in the September holidays.


June Holidays: 

We are only just over a week away from running our next basketball camp In the second week of the June holidays, we are conducting a camp on the 4th, 5th and 6th of July at De La Salle College in Malvern.





Sept Holidays: 

In the first week of the September holidays, we are conducting a camp on the 19th, 20th and 21st of September at De La Salle College in Malvern.



In the second week of the September holidays, we are conducting a camp on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September at Wellington Secondary College in Mulgrave.


For more information on our June camp CLICK HERE


For more information on our September camps CLICK HERE 


Successful camps are a great way to keep BMBA costs down across all our other programs in these days of the rising cost of living expenses. Even if you are not registering your child If you can help us promote our programs and camps to others in your social groups then ultimately you are helping us keep your costs down in other programs.


To obtain a jpeg copy of our camp flyer on the right to share on social media pages simply right-click on the flyer image on the right and click on “Save image as”. To obtain a pdf version of the flyer simply left-click on the image.

BMBA Training Programs for term 3 are set to go!

Our wonderful BMBA training programs are set to go for term three. We now have more venues for our programs than ever before. With sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at De La Salle College, McKinnon Primary School and Wellington Secondary College, our BMBA programs are now accessible across a wide demographic.


Who are our training programs available for? 

Everybody! We have programs for all ages and all students whether they play in a BMBA team or any other team. We just want to help make players better!



Where can you get more information? 

Click on the flyers shown here. The flyer on the right provides general information and registration details for our training programs. The flyers below take you to pages with more specific information about these programs. 



Can you help us promote our programs as we spoke about for our camps to others in your social groups and on social media? If so just right-click to save a jpeg image of the flyers shown. For a pdf version click on the link listed below them.


The more participants we have in both our camps and our training programs the more we can keep costs down for everybody. 



Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

Click here to download a PDF version of this flyer

Our BMBA Teams complete their first season and they've done GREAT!.

Under 18 Boys win BMBA’s FIRST Premiership 

Our U18 Boys created some BMBA history last Sunday winning our first-ever Grand Final with a comfortable margin of 41-22. Even better the boys went through the season undefeated. We are especially proud of these boys as they only started playing twelve months ago after we visited their school for one of our FREE clinics.


Now they are undefeated champions in just their second season


Under 10 Girls – Semi-Finalists in their first season

Our U10 girls had a fantastic first season. Another team formed from our FREE clinics at St Joseph’s in Elsternwick, the girls improved throughout the season to finish second on the ladder. The girls had some notable wins for the season and had dramatically improved by the end of the season


In the end, they narrowly missed out on a Grand Final spot by just two points in a narrow semi-final loss. Awesome effort girl!


Under 12(1) Boys – Establish an important foundation

These boys didn’t make finals, but they played in the highest grade of all our teams. More importantly, they acquitted themselves extremely well in every game in their first season. Despite only winning one game, they could have won several more and due to this, we go into the spring season confident of doing exactly that.


These boys are yet another team formed from our FREE clinics at St Joseph’s in Elsternwick.



Under 12(2) Boys – Improving with every week

This team was a group of boys who had never played in basketball competitions previously and were brought randomly together from several different schools. At the start of the season, our inexperience really showed and we endured some heavy losses. With a bunch of resilience and a desire to improve every week, the boys had improved dramatically by the end of the season.


In their last game the boys held the top team to their lowest score and lowest winning margin and had we shot a little better would have pulled off a massive upset. They are set for a lot of those next season.

Check out the U18 Grand Final Video below!

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Older boys wanted for exciting development!

After winning their Grand Final our U18 Boys are now aiming to have a crack at higher level of domestic basketball and then at representative basketball. To do that we need more players for their squad.


We are looking for boys born in 2007 and 2008 who want to play at a higher level alongside players with a similar mindset to improve


This is a great opportunity for players who have thought about testing themselves at a higher level or may have tried in the past but encountered barriers when doing so. The BMBA have a core group of boys through this U18 tean who are intent on moving into representative basketball from this September.


We have already started their training in preparation for this exciting opportunity, but  we need at least three more boys to round off their squad.  So if you know any boy who would be interested have them contact me via my details at the foot of this page. 


While this team is well advanced, we are also very keen to be providing opportunities for boys and girls in other age groups. It is our intention for this Under 18 boys team to be the trailblazer for many other BMBA teams to follow in coming years.

Players wanted for domestic Season!

As per usual with the conclusion of one domestic season and the start of a new one, we have some spaces in all four of our teams for new players that may be interested in joining.


U10 Girls: We have seven girls for this team and are looking for one more girl to round out the squad. Any girl wanting to join would need to be born in 2014 or 2015


U12(1) Boys: This team has space for one more boy to join. Boys in this age group need to be born in 2012 or 2013.


U12(2) Boys: This team needs three more boys to join. Boys would need to be born in 2012 or 2013.


U18 Boys: We need three more boys for this squad. They would need to be born in 2007 or 2008.


Through terms three and four, we are looking to form boys and girls teams in other age groups. If you have a son or daughter interested in playing then contact me via my details at the foot of this online newsletter to have them placed on our EOI list

Oakleigh Basketball Asociation - Annual General Meeting - AGAIN!

To be able to have our teams play at representative level once more we need to get the Oakleigh Basketball Association back up on it’s feet.


To do this we need to conduct an AGM and elect a new committee. We have already  attempted an AGM but due t a double booking at the venue we need to reschedule which requires a 35 day notice period.


The AGM will now be held on Monday the 31st of July at 7:30 pm at a venue to be announced.

What's involved being an OBA committee member?

The BMBA will be conducting and running all competitions, all venues, all administration and organising all staff for basketball related competitions, training, programs and camps. It will also be managing all venues. In reality the BMBA will manage, administer and run everything.


An OBA committee will simply help oversee the business and will look to provide assistance with the development of the BMBA while also assisting with governance requirements. So sitting on any OBA committee will a very straight forward task yet a very important one if we are to have our teams return to representative basketball.


The bottom line is we need a minimum of five people (we already have one) to help form this committee at the AGM. We will be distributing a video covering this soon, but if you wanted to chat to me about this further, then by all means contact via my details at the foot of this newsletter.

St Josephs in Elsternwick show what is possible!

Last week we visited St Joseph’s Primary School in Elsternwick for the second straight year. In that time we have conducted multiple clinics and had many St Joseph’s students enjoy our training programs and holiday camps. From that, we have formed two teams for domestic competition with an Under 10 Girls and an Under 12 Boys team representing the BMBA Templar Warriors in fantastic fashion at the Southern Basketball Association competitions. In twelve months we have had well over 70 St Joseph’s students take advantage of our programs, our coaching and our teams in some form.


Thanks to St Joseph’s sports teacher Louise Howell we have enjoyed building a great relationship with the school and more importantly their students. St Joseph’s students are now extremely familiar with our program, our coaches and now our players and teams that attend their school. 


In building that relationship students, teachers and parents have also become aware of what our program stands for where we provide professional and elite-level training and coaching while implementing a players and program code for individual development off the court. 


Our relationship is so entrenched that at our recent clinic at the school we used BMBA-enrolled students to demonstrate the drills and skills they have been taught through our training program. In effect, they became our assistant coaches through our clinics at the school. Staff and students were extremely impressed and our St Joseph’s BMBA kids had plenty of fun being our in front of their classmates showing them what they can do. It was great to witness from our end.


We are now looking forward to similar relationships and partnerships with other schools and St Josephs is providing a fine example of what can be achieved


We are now up and running at De La Salle College in Malvern

We are pleased to announce that we have commenced conducting our programs at De La Salle College in Malvern. Each Wednesday afternoon/evening we are conducting our great “Basketball Plus” training sessions between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm and then between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm.


We are also running camps at the school during the June and September holidays. These three-day camps will be fantastic events for junior boys and girls to learn new skills, increase their knowledge of the game, receive a BMBA Templars camp t-shirt, make new friends, have some fun and most importantly get them off their couches and into some positive activity.


For parents, they can have their kids looked after for three days, giving them a few days off. A camp flyer with details is below.


We are excited to have access to such a great venue at such a great school and  we are looking forward to a long and fruitful time running our great programs at the school and servicing students from surrounding schools. This now gives the BMBA three great venues in three key demographic areas to draw junior from. This should prove invaluable for the BMBA moving forward.


Why the Templars?

We chose the Templars as we believe some values are eternal.

We don’t just want our symbol/mascot to project strength and tenacity, we want it to be something that defines our culture and the values we want to embed amongst our participants and players.


While the Templar Knights were fierce Medieval Warriors, they also lived by a code of honour, respect, courage and they dedicated their lives to self-sacrifice in the pursuit of servitude towards others.


We believe that this represents the culture we want to build within our program perfectly.

Christianity through Hoops

As we said earlier in this email we have designed a “Christianity through Hoops” program to complement Catholic schools and Christian schools more generally. Our purpose is not just to develop better basketball players, but also to develop better people. We believe sport can be a great influence on our youth in a good way and what better way to reinforce Christ message not just to our players but their parents and wider networks as well

Our Coat of Arms and what it means

Our stunning Coat of Arms is an integral part of our program. We put a great deal of thought into this as we wanted to establish an ethos and culture to build our program around from our very first day of operation. It represents our past, present and our future. It symbolises the very culture of our program, our values, our ethos and our faith and most importantly now sits in a prominent position on the chest of our playing uniforms.


Embedded within our coats of arms is our BMBA Latin motto of “Fortitudo, Honor, Unitas” which means Strength, Honour and Unity in English. All our teams say this motto in our huddles at the beginning and conclusion of training and matches. 


To find out more about our coat of arms, our motto and our culture  CLICK HERE

Our Online Library

A unique feature of the BMBA is our growing online video library. We have videos covering individual skills, team offensive and defensive structures, promos and BMBA and Warriors games.


Our objective is to provide every BMBA participant with the opportunity to be able to take their training home with them so they can continually learn and improve their game.

Younger Kids

We do our best to group participants to match their ages and abilities as much as possible. This ensures the kids obtain as much enjoyment as possible from their time with us. Generally, for younger kids, the emphasis is as much on having some fun while being taught some new skills to use in their domestic games or programs.


In teaching these skills we do so as much as possible through drill formats with the kids in teams and engaging in competitive drills with plenty of encouragement and with more emphasis on attempting to use their newly taught skills as on winning. 

Older Kids

For our older groups, we teach them more through simulated match situations and scrimmage games. Drills are still used but with the mindset of using these drills to develop skills for games situations and then putting them into those game situations.

While still focusing on enjoyment and fun, older participants are normally looking for more challenging training and coaching with a greater emphasis on competition and challenges with the skills being taught. 


Our training is designed for both boys and girls. Where numbers permit we organise girls into “girl only” groups which make things more enjoyable for the girls. We also design different skills challenges for the girl’s groups.

In the unusual event (especially in the older groups) that a girl or girls would prefer to join in with the boys, we would look at that situation where capabilities permit it.


Of course, our training is open for boys as well.  As with the girls, we look to form them into boys-only groups. This again is dependent on the number of enrolments we have.

These groups are sorted along both age and capability lines as well as keeping kids in their friendship groups where possible. Most importantly, as best as possible we place participants in groups where they are comfortable with their current skill level and where they can obtain the most enjoyment from their participation in the BMBA program.

For the more motivated

We also have groups for those players who are more motivated and wish to obtain more serious training to improve their game. We can either form them into a separate group or embed them in a group and simply provide them with more challenging drills and skills for them to use and learn from.

They will receive condensed high-level coaching and drills that will challenge them and help them improve their current skills considerably or learn new ones for future games and opportunities.

Our Coaches

Our Coaches are predominately players Bob has brought through with him via his caching career. They all have predominately graduated through Bob’s representative basketball programs. We also recruit coaches from Universities and schools who have either played or coached at a high level. All our coaches are trained in the drills and basketball programs that we implement and are supervised through all our sessions. Naturally, all of them will have to obtain and provide Working with Children Checks to be able to work with us, where they are old enough to have one.

Our Venues

At the moment we operate from four indoor school venues. These are at



De La Salle College i Malvern


Wellington Secondary College in Mulgrave


McKinnon Primary School in Ormond and


Westall Primary School in Westall


If your school would like your students to have access to our coaching and training to take advantage of the wonderful programs listed in this newsletter then get in contact with us via our details below.







CONTACT MOBILE: 0490 823 400

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