Our Vision

In creating an environment of excellence, we seek to nurture and  develop  people who pursue high goals and accept challenges no matter the obstacles placed in their path. We look to influence future generations who can be inspired by these achievements and seek to better them. In doing so we improve our community in all walks of life, not just in basketball.


Our Mission

Our mission is to acquire and provide the facilities and services for our sport that is affordable and open for all who choose to participate. Through those facilities and services we seek to provide our membership with an environment of friendship, enjoyment, excellence and inspiration.


Our Values

To deliver the highest standard of service possible to our membership. This service must be efficient, up to date, prompt with its delivery and innovative with its ideas, projects and problem solving.  

To instil into our junior membership values and ethics to help them develop into  upstanding, responsible and respectable citizens within our community. These     values and ethics would involve respect for those who administer their sport, and volunteer their time, respect for all participants and respect for themselves through their honesty of effort.

To teach those juniors that success in life is dictated by choices that you make, the friendships and bonds you forge and the life tools you  acquire.

To demonstrate that success is possible no manner the obstacles that may stand in your way.

To develop a work ethic on and off the court that will guarantee long term success.

To strive for a standard of excellence both on and off the court that is  reflective of the above values.