We invite Westall Primary School Students
to a FREE trial session at the Westall PS gym

We are pleased and excited to be offering Before-School training at Westall Primary School for interested students. Sessions will be conducted to begin with on Thursday mornings between 7:00am and 8:30am. At the BMBA we offer the following types of sessions:

Kids First Basketball – Sessions for young ones and beginners who haven’t player competition basketball before.

Basketball Plus – Elite level training for juniors just playing domestic level basketball but looking to develop to a higher level.

Individual Development Program (IDP) – A more intense training predominately aimed at representative players wanting to take their game from a good level to an elite one.

The sessions will be conducted as follows:

The goal of the BMBA is to make training and coaching available to juniors that they normally wouldn’t be able to have access to. Our ambition is to provide opportunities for every junior player who participates in our BMBA program to learn & acquire new skills, to improve on current ones, and to gain increased knowledge about the strategies of the game.

Through doing this we will also be providing opportunities for players within our program to play and participate in BMBA squads and teams through domestic competitions, tournaments, interstate and country tours. We will also ultimately be looking to arrange international tours for the super keen participants4

Can anybody register for these sessions?

Yes, these sessions are available to all junior players who wish to improve their game whether they play for a BMBA team or they play for any other team or club. Our goal is to provide as many juniors who want to receive it the best quality coaching possible.

If your child plays for another team our sessions will complement your team by raising your skill level. Alternatively, they can continue playing for their current team while also joining a BMBA squad. The choice is entirely yours.

Others may be bigger but we're better

We are not the biggest basketball program in Melbourne and nor do we want to be. Bigger basketball clubs and Associations do not provide value for service when it comes to delivering high-quality coaching and training and the reason’s for this are understandable. The BMBA was initiated to service junior players who have a desire and a motivation to develop and acquire a high skill level for the game of basketball while also gaining significant knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the games offences and defences. 

In doing this, we give each of our participants every chance of obtaining the most enjoyment possible from the game. So while some may others may be bigger, we are better and here is a lengthy list of the reasons why: 

  • We conduct 90 minutes sessions, not the 30 or 45 session normally provided. In our opinion one 90 minute session per week is the minimum required to achieve real development in acquiring  higher skill and knowledge levels
  • We implement different standards of training for different levels of skill. From beginner through to advance levels. You can find out more by clicking here.
  • We hire and provide coaches with a legitimate basketball knowledge and background that are truly capable of teaching your kids fundamentals and improving their skill and knowledge level.
  • As these are paid roles, coaches are obligated to implement our program properly, ensuring your child’s development is maintained in a planned and structured way.
  • Our training is implemented through a tried and true coaching program that builds player’s skill and knowledge levels in a planned and progressive format.
  • We test player’s skills levels in different areas as they develop. We only test these skills when we are confident they will perform well so they gain confidence as we progress them to more challenging levels when they are ready for them.
  • We provide constant feedback to both players and parents on what we are doing through our training.
  • Players are given regular assessments so they know what stage of their basketball development they are at. Through these assessments players are also given tasks and goals to help them to keep progressing.
  • Something that is unique to the BMBA is our library of videos and documents specific to our training program. Players are given full access to our coaching video library which complements our on-court training. This library will continue to be expanded as time goes on.
  • For those that play in our squads, where possible, we video matches and upload them for players and coaches to review and for our head coaches to ensure that what we are teaching at training is being implemented in games by our coaches.
  • For those that participate in our after school training and also register for our holiday camps, we design and construct the camps to complement their after school training to ensure our participants obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of their BMBA participation.
So as you can see our program is thorough, professional and structured. It’s put together in this way to ensure the progressive development of your son/daughter’s basketball game. In doing this, we will ensure your child obtains the maximum enjoyment out of the game.

We look forward to welcoming them into the program, where we can help them realise their potential.
To receive your first FREE trial sessions just simply clikc the green registration button below, complete our online registration form and click the checkbox for the Westall Primary School Thursday morning session.

No need to pay until you have completed your FREE Trial session and decide to continues

 We need you to register your child so we can plan ahead for these sessions and for insurance purposes.

Having your details will also enable us to follow up an ptential interest and also allow us to add you to our mailing list so you can keep up to date with news and developments about the BMBA.


Why join a BMBA squad/team?

If your son/daughter joins one of our squads that improvement in skill level will be more dramatic as 

  • They will be coached and supervised by BMBA coaching staff.
  • What we teach at training will complement what we apply in games.
  • Players will learn offensive and defensive structures to complement their skill level and development.
  • BMBA coaches will be able to track players development and progress to allocate roles and responsibilities during games.
  • What we teach at training will be reinforced in games.
  • Boys and Girls who participate through our training will also received tailor. planned sessions at our holiday camps whenever they register to maximise their participation, skill development and enjoyment at those camps.

Zoom Q and A. Ask us your questions online

We want to allow interested parents, teachers, school staff and juniors to gather more information about the BMBA while also being able to ask questions of us about our programs, our people and our objectives. So we decided to arrange this through Zoom Q and A meetings where you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

For days, dates times and a registration link for these Zoom sessions, please CLICK HERE.