About Me

In 35 years in the sport of basketball, I have started two Associations from the ground up, successfully coached teams to the states highest grade, performed administrative duties to mange those competitions, brought people together to meet governance requirements and mastered marketing strategies to grow participant numbers.


I have also run and managed my own business throughout these years to allow me to achieve the above.





I’ve been through most things any business manager of CEO can be put through when building and managing two sports associations.


The people and business skills you obtain from doing this while managing your own business is considerable.

IThe knowledge I have built over these 35 years, has me perfectly placed to build a membership of both junior and open-age participants to ensure any stadium development can be developed to it’s fullest potential, both through participants and revenue.

Through my development of two sports Associations and the building of my own business, I have developed the business and people skills to ensure I can manage any stadium and competition development