The ability to handle the ball and be able to dribble the ball in transition, to protect the ball while setting up offence and to break down defenders and attack defensive gaps in any situation. In our program we have three stages of ball-handing development. Stage one, Advanced and NBA.

In Stage one there are 28 drills we want to introduce to our players to learn and master. To be allowed to dribble the ball in a game our players need to be able to pass a test that involves

  • Completing each of the drills 25 times with great form and in the correct order
  • For onside and pullback dribble players need to complete 13 dribble on each hand
  • For the combination drill players need to make 25 shots
  • To pass players need to complete all drills under 30 minutes to the satisfaction of the supervising coach
  • If they pass they are then allowed to dribble in a game
  • If they break 25 minutes, they become a point guard and are moved into the advanced stage of ball-handling

Ball-handling Stage One – Drill List Click here

 Ball-handling Stage One – Youtube Video