To complement our skill development program we also form teams and squads where possible. In other words where numbers of interested players permit this. We enter those squads into domestic competitions and tournaments where are focus is to have players use their newly acquired skills in game situations.


This goal comes well before winning as we know once players develop the confidence to use their skills in game situations then the winning will take care of itself.


We are happy to form squads for boys and girls teams across all age groups. Teams will have independent coaches appointed in all but exceptional cases. What do we mean by independent coaches?


We are referring to coaches who have no connection to players within the squads, especially coaches who may have children or siblings in a team.

The exceptional circumstances we refer to  is where we believe a parent or sibling is capable of coaching their own child or other sibling within a team. We refer to this as exceptional as it is nearly impossible for a parent for example to get the balance correct when coaching their own child. They will either be to hard on them, or will favour them ahead of others in their desire for their child to do well. It is also very difficult for these type of coaches not to attract criticism from other parents who see favouritism, whether it’s factual or perceived. There are a few people that can capably handle this, but they are few and far between. Domestic clubs choose the easier option instead of implementing a more difficult standard. We choose the more difficult option where we have to discover and recruit coaches with the knowledge and independence to meet the standards that we expect of our coaches.


Not only do we form teams from schools we will come out to your child’s school to facilitate it. We are happy to arrange and run basketball clinic’s at your child’s school to generate interest to form teams through our Academy where they will receive quality coaching and training from day one. With school approval and where we can arrange it, we will also conduct team training sessions before or after school.

Teams formed through these school visits we will play in competitions under our programs but will have their school name incorporated into  it. For example, a team formed out of St Mary’s Primary School would be called. BMBA ‘St Mary’s” Warriors. We are happy to form teams through either primary or secondary schools.


Our BMBA squads currently play in the Southern Basketball Association junior domestic competitions located in Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs.


Having said this we have no issue giving consideration to playing at other Association’s domestic competitions where it is more convenient for players and parents. All we need is a team of players to facilitate this.


Absolutely as our motto says we are about making good players better. That doesn’t matter whether your child plays with one of our squads or you play at another domestic or representative club. Our goal is to make your child’s game better.


As we are not a representative program/club rep players should have no issue about participating in our training. programs. In fact, quite the opposite our programs will help improve rep players and in doing so their teams.


One thing we love to do is to put our kids into tournaments both here in Melbourne, In Victorian country tournaments and even interstate.


Tournaments are usually conducted over 3 to 4 days and our players get exposed to high-quality opposition with several games in a few days, hopefully ending up in finals.


Over the years we have enjoyed significant success with several tournament wins.

Once in the program players and parents will be provided with details of tournaments and how to register.


Players from outside the program can also join our squads if they wish to do so for these tournaments.


If you would like to join a team or have us visit your child’s school to generate some interest, or even if you have a group of boys or girls who want to play as a team and receive some quality coaching and training as well, then get in contact with us today.

Our details can be found on our Contacts Page.