Individual Training Program (IDP)

Our IDP training is designed for the serious players looking to improve their skill sets to extract more enjoyment from their basketball from being able to do more things during a game. We teach dribbling, passing, shooting, finishing at the basket, triple threats, post moves, player roles and more.


Players who embrace and commit to the program will see significant improvement in their skills and understanding of the game over a dedicated period of training.


Overseen by dedicated coaches of high quality and experience your son/daughter will notice a difference as they meet set goals. So will any attentive parent.

IDP sessions can be conducted before or after school and on weekends. They can be conducted with a mixture of boys and girls and across age groups. Alternatively, we can dedicate sessions to groups of players from a single team. Players who register for IDP sessions are given full access to our online training. We conduct the program on a term by term basis where we provide reviews and reset goals for participants at the end of each term.


The IDP program is open for any player whether they are playing domestic or representative basketball, they just need to be at a minimum standard to begin otherwise the program will do more harm than good.


To ensure this, we complete and assessment of every player before they start and if not quite ready we provide them with a written program for them to complete so they can reach that standard.


So if your child has serious ambitions and is serious about taking their game to a higher level or they just want to increase their skills to obtain more enjoyment from the game, then it’s time to get in contact with us so we can get you started on that journey.


You can obtain our contact details from our Contacts Page.