With 2023 on the horizon,
at the BMBA it's time to

It’s time to get started with the BMBA. Throughout 2022 we have been conducting holiday camps, training and FREE school clinics. In 2023 the BMBA will now be forming teams for the following:

  • Domestic competitions
  • Tournaments
  • Tours
  • Representative teams
  • AAU teams and tournaments

All of these events and competitions will commence in 2023. We now want to use the rest of this term and our January Holiday camp to prepare players and teams for these competitions and tournaments. 

In other words, we want to “GET STARTED”

Read this page to see how you go about that.

Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his welcome to the BMBA “Get Started Program”.

The goal of the BMBA is to enter BMBA teams into domestic competitions in our regions in 2023. These competitions in order of preference will be


The Southern Basketball Association


The McKinnon Basketball Association


The Waverley Basketball Association


To obtain our reasons for the positives and negatives for entering teams into the above competitions and this order of preference, CLICK HERE  on their name above. 

As we expand in coming years these options will expand and this order of preference may change. 

To enter teams into competitions we need a minimum of seven players. There is extra cost to play, but we combine this in package with training to help keep costs as economical as possible. The first chance we have to enter teams in domestic competitions will be at the commencement of term one in 2023 through the Southern Basketball Association. 

A GREAT WAY to start 2023 for the kids.

Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his thoughts and perspective on BMBA teams in domestic competitions.

Throughout a calendar year there are a host of junior basketball tournaments across the city, the state and indeed the country. Tournaments are a great way for teams to bond both on and off the court and for Vic country and interstate tournaments a great way for both players and families to get to see some more of this magnificent country in which we all live.


The first tournament available in 2023 is the largest one on the planet, the Eltham/Dandenong Tournament.


If we can generate enough interest, then we will enter teams into this tournament. We intend to use the rest of this term and the January Holiday camp to prepare for those who wish to play in this tournament.  From that, we will look to prepare and enter teams into the above mentioned domestic. competitions. 


Other tournaments that we have entered teams into previously and look to enter teams where there is interest are: –


  •  The Adelaide Easter Tournament
  • South East Junior Labour Day Weekend Basketball Tournament
  • The Ballarat Queen (Now Kings) Birthday weekend tournament
  • Melbourne Tigers July Tournament
  • Southern Peninsula November Tournaments


Once you have registered you are put straight on our mailing list. To be aware of these tournament and to register your interested just open our emails and stay up to date. To get started lets concentrate on the biggest one there is to start 2023 with a bang!

Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his thoughts and perspective on BMBA teams in tournament competitions.

Moving forward, as an alternative to tournaments, the BMBA will be looking to arrange country and interstate tours over school holiday periods. We will be embracing the concept of road trips and visiting country and interstate basketball Associations to take on their representative teams. 


Though this probably won’t happen in 2023, we will start working towards this ambition. The opportunity to travel to country towns and centres, whether they be in Victoria or interstate, and to play in front of local crowds against their best country athletes and teams is too good an experience not to pursue.


We believe these tours and trips will provide our BMBA participants and teams with life experiences that will help build character and give them something to look back upon fondly when they enter adult life. Those goals alone make these events worth organising and we can’t wait for our first trip.


Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his thoughts and perspective on BMBA teams participating in Tours and Trips

Representative basketball allows individuals and teams to play at the highest levels in the state. Representative basketball is exactly what it says, teams are formed to “represent” their associations and clubs and come together in competition every Friday night across Metropolitan Melbourne and even the state. It is our intention to establish this pathway for our best athletes and teams in 2023/2024.


We will be providing more information on this through our various communications moving forwards. Keep an eye out for this.

Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his thoughts and perspective on BMBA teams in representative competitions.

Talking of tournaments, in 2023 the BMBA will be looking to explore the AAU tournaments.


AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and originated in the USA to give athletes the chance to showcase their talents to potential college and pro scouts. The AAU has also brought its competitions to Australian shores and we want to give our BMBA teams a chance to participate in these AAU tournaments here with the ultimate ambition of travelling to the USA to participate in their elite tournaments that are conducted in various states there.

The AAU ambition is a longer-term one. We hope to play in tournaments sometime in 2023, but we are looking further forward for most of our younger participants, where they can dream of bigger things with the chance of a USA tour later in their secondary college school years. Keep an eye out for further details in coming communications.


Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his thoughts and perspective on BMBA teams participating in AAU tournaments.

Sounds Great! How do we "get started"?

The good news is that getting started with the BMBA is really easy. If you have registered your child with one of our after-school training programs then you already have. While there is a lot to consume on this page we suggest that you concentrate on the events closest to us in the calendar. In other words.


  • Our After-School Training for this term 
  • Our January Holiday Camp
  • Our After-School Training for Term One in 2023

The competitions that you should focus on are – the Eltham Dandenong Tournament in January and our initial domestic season at the Southern Basketball Association commencing in term one of 2023. Everything else from that point will flow from the communications that we send out to you. 



So if you want to just train with us, or attend our camps, then you can continue as you are, but if you would like to


  • Train and play in a tournament with a BMBA team. 
  • Train and play in a domestic competition with a BMBA team or
  • Train and play in both a tournament and domestic competition with a BMBA team. 

If you would like to be involved in any of these options just  CLICK HERE.


We can put together a package for you to consider as details come out about costs for these competitions over the rest of this term. All you have to do is indicate your interest, so we can commence planning it that easy!



Check out BMBA Owner Director in the Video below for his summary on this program, this page and how to get your sone or daughter “Started” with the BMBA.

Know others who would be interested?

To make what we have listed on this page sustainable, we need to continue to grow the BMBA program.


In other words, we need more members, participants, players and teams. If you’re as excited as we are by what we have presented on this page and through our invitation to you, then spread the word and let others know about the BMBA.


We will happily welcome them into the program, assess their potential and place them within the BMBA as we have with your son and/or daughter. This next year will be an exciting one for the BMBA and all involved and we would like to ensure as many juniors get that opportunity as possible.


Any interested persons can get in contact with me about joining the BMBA via my details on our CONTACTS PAGE

Sunday Q and A Zoom meetings

We have scheduled zoom meetings each Sunday night between 7:00pm and 8:00pm for anybody who would like to join us. Through this you can find out more about the BMBA and our “Get Started Program”


Details for these meetings are listed below with a link to register your spot. We can’t wait to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have.


To obtain an invite to this meeting register for by CLICKING HERE 


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email  containing  information about joining the meeting