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BMBA Kids First Training Program

BMBA Basketball Plus Training Program

BMBA Games Program

Southern Basketball Associations Spring 2024 Season

You can register into any of these programs from this page by clicking on the green buttons listed below.

Southern Basketball Association Spring 2024 Season

The BMBA have entered junior teams into domestic competitions with the Southern Basketball Association since 2016. We have enjoyed significant success in that time with finals appearances, Grand Final spots and some titles.


More importantly we use these competitions for teams and players ready to play at a higher level after completing the programs mentioned below on this page.


The Southern Basketball Association has an 8-court stadium located in Cheltenham and also plays competitions out of satellite courts at Mentone Grammar, Parkdale Secondary College and Mentone Girls Secondary College.


Girls competitions are staggered mid-week from Monday to Thursday while junior boys competitions are played on Friday evenings for Under 10’s, on Saturdays for Under 12’s, Under 14’s and Under 16’s and on Sundays for Under 18’s.


The Southern Basketball Association has a extremely large membership which provides significant depth of competition. It also has eight courts in one location which helps us ensure an adequate and knowledgeable coaching staff is available for all of our teams, while travel is restricted to a minimum for parents and payers alike.


Another advantage is that the Southern Basketball Association conducts its domestic seasons within the calendar year. Their Autumn season covers terms One and Two of the school year and their Spring season covers terms three and four of the school year. This makes it administratively easier for the BMBA and avoids large gaps within a season that you would have with a Summer season due to the summer holidays between terms four and one of separate school years.


 So if you have a son or daughter who would like to jump straight into a team playing competitive basketball in competitions with depth and high standards then this option can be for you  .


For more information about the Southern Basketball Association please CLICK HERE

BMBA Games Program

We are excited about launching our new BMBA Games program.


This program incorporates the training in the basketball plus program with a weekly game each weekend. Junior boys will be playing on Saturday and Junior girls on Sunday. At this stage we  are confident to have enough players to have a weekly game. As we conduct those games, the idea is to continue to visit schools and recruit more numbers into the program and form more teams. 


Once we have four teams in a section we will then start competitions. From there, we will rinse and repeat and just keep recruiting and forming and additional teams as time progresses. Our ultimate goal is to form at least eight team competitions in each age group.


Our age group/competition sections will be done by school grades. These will be Grade 1-2 competition, Grades 3-4 competition, Grades 5-6 competition and a Year 7-8 competition. We have decided to do this via school grades as we are going to promote and market this as a BMBA schools based competition. We hope that this will make it easier for the sports contacts at each school that we will be working with through our School Clinics.


All of these games/sessions would be of  a 60 minute duration which is 15 minutes longer than most domestic competitions that your child would play in. We will be playing these games them mid to late afternoon to avoid clashes with other commitments. The timeslots will be as follows:


→ A 2:00pm timeslot for grades 1-2, 

A 3:00pm timeslot for grades 3-4, 

→ A 4:00pm timeslots for grades 5-6 and 

→ A 5:00pm timeslot for years 7-8. 


These times would be conducted for boys on Saturdays and Girls on Sundays. Where we don’t have enough players to conduct a game, we will conduct a Basketball Plus training session instead.


The boys and girls who play in these games will be coached by BMBA coaches and when we have enough teams (four minimum), referees will be appointed to officiate these games.


Once these competitions are established your son/daughter will enjoy longer game times, independent professional coaching and better officiating. From this initial base it is our goal to establish the best domestic competitions in Melbourne. To register your son/daughter click on the green button below.


For more information on our BMBA Games Program please CLICK HERE.

BMBA Basketball Plus Training Program

You may not be in a position to participate in our games format, but would still like your son/daughter to participate in our “Basketball Plus” training program. That is absolutely fine.


To register for these sessions, simply click on the green button below and choose the session that suits you best.


For more information about our Basketball Plus program please CLICK HERE

BMBA Kids First Training Program

If your child is younger and is just a beginner to the sport, then our Kids First Basketball Training is an ideal option for you.


Kids First is our introductory basketball program designed specifically for children between 5 and 10 years of age just beginning in the sport. To register for these sessions click the green button below.


To find out more about our Kids First Basketball Program please  CLICK HERE

Know others who would be interested?

To make what we have listed on this page sustainable, we need to continue to grow the BMBA program.


In other words, we need more members, participants, players and teams. If you’re as excited as we are by what we have presented on this page and through our invitation to you, then spread the word and let others know about the BMBA.


We will happily welcome them into the program, assess their potential and place them within the BMBA as we have with your son and/or daughter. The remainder of this year will be exciting time for the BMBA and all involved. We would like to ensure as many juniors get to expereince the exciting opportunities ahead as possible.


Any interested persons can get in contact with me about joining the BMBA via my details on our CONTACTS PAGE