Do you want better coaching for your child?

The fact is most junior basketballers at both domestic and rep level miss out on proper coaching and proper opportunities to develop their basketball to their true potential. If you are not seeing constant progress in your child’s development be aware that there is a way to correct this through the BMBA and our BasketballPLUS program.

 Do you want your child to improve their skills?

Can your child dribble competently on both sides of their body? Can your child hit a layup with their weak hand? Can they make at least 80% of their free throws? We can put in place a program that will improve every facet of their game over a twelve-month period.

Do you want your child to improve their knowledge of the game?

Does your child have a different coach every season? Does each coach teach different offences and defences each season? Some juniors can have six to eight different coaches through a junior career, teaching them something of everything but nothing substantial. Chances are after eight years many juniors are confused instead of knowledgable. We will address that at BMBA.

Would you prefer a proper coach as opposed to a parent thrown in the deep end as a coach for your child?

How many junior teams have a parent or relative coach them? God bless them, but this can be an impossible position for all involved. These situations occur as clubs can’t recruit coaches, won’t recruit coaches or worse can’t be bothered. Many parent coaches have never even played the game before or have played a low level where they were never exposed to proper coaching methods or standards. What chance is there of them exposing your child to coaching skills and training that will develop their basketball to their full potential?

Sick of having a novice as a coach?

Worse than a parent coach is a coach who is a novice and who isn’t supported or trained and developed by your child’s club. The sad fact is that many clubs simply can’t cope with the demand of players wanting to play basketball and simply will place anybody as a coach. Most clubs won’t even have a program in place to guide their coaches on how to develop their players and teams in a coordinated and progressive way as they move through their junior years. Worse many clubs only concern in forming teams is to generate revenue from their playing base. Not at BMBA!

Sick of club politics getting in the way of your child’s basketball development?

 How many times has your child been held back due to parent coach pushing their own child unfairly, or a parent board member influencing coaching appointments or team selections? It shouldn’t happen but it does so time and again. At BMBA no parent is involved in our coaching program, all coaches are independent. BMBA is also a business and is professionally run, which means we have no board members looking over our shoulders, or looking to mount challenges against incumbent boards to push their own agendas.

At BMBA your child gets rewarded for the effort they put in not because of who their parent is.


About the BMBA program

There are a bumber of purposes for the BMBA. First and foremost we want to develop the abilities skill levels and basketball IQ for committed players with above average ability. 


About Coach Bob Mann

Over a 20 year period, Bob has coached in Australia’s toughest state for basketball at nearly every level. The State of Victoria features one of the world’s great sporting cities, the city of Melbourne and its basketball competitions are deep and talented and they can be ruthless in their intensity, especially at the top level.

Bob's coaching resume

Bob has coached at every level from beginners basketball to some of the more elite levels in the State.



Corey Maynard

  • Represented South Australia 2006,07, 08
  • Captained South Australia 2008
  • Nationals MVP 2008
  • NCAA Div University of Bryant 2008-2012
  • NBL Cairns Taipans 2013 
  • NBL Townsville Crocodiles 2014

Owen Odigie

  • Represented Victoria 2008,09,10,11
  • Represented Australia 2008,09,10,11
  • NBL Melbourne United 2012 – 2017
  • NBL1 Kilyth Cobras 2015-2019
  • NBL1 Geelong Supercats  2020-present


Sean Macdonald

  • Represented Victoria 2015, 16,17,18,19
  • Represented Australia 2016, 17,18,19
  • NBL1 Kilsyth Cobraa 2018, 2019

Kid First Basketball

Kids First is our introductory basketball program designed specifically for children aged between 5 and 10 years of age just beginning in the sport.


It’s designed to introduce kids of this age to the sport in a non-pressured environment with lots of fun and learning. Our drills in this program are designed to teach youngsters basic skills in all facets of the game though fun drills. 

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Basketball Plus

Basketball Plus is a training program designed for junior boys and girls who have started playing in domestic or even representative competition. Through this program, junior players are introduced to more advanced drills and coaching that they wouldn’t receive though their normal training.


Through these more advanced drills and coaching players committed to this training should experience a steady if not rapid improvement in their skills level and Game IQ.

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IDP training

IDP stands for Individual Development Program. Some clubs and coaches talk about developing a players skills but very few do something substantial about it. 


At BMBA this is our starting point. We will develop your child’s skills on both sides of their body across all skill groups. The only way they don’t improve is if they are not motivated to do so.

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Games & Tournaments

When we have enough players of an appropriate standard in the same age group we will form them into teams to play challenge games against teams from clubs and school. 


We will also enter teams into tournaments and where possible look to enter them into domestic competitions at various venues

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Holiday Camps

From 2020 we will be offering holiday camps for children of all age groups and standards. These will be offered each school holiday period and we will offer skill development, games and the opportunity to meet new friends and be introduced to the BMBA program.


Parents will also have the opportunity to purchase packages that combine both the holiday camp and IDP training sessions over a term at a discounted price/.

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If you want your child to receive quality coaching that is independent, structured, knowledgeable and professional that develops your child’s skill level and game knowledge, then the BMBA is for you! 

Register today to get your child started!