Kids First

Kids First


Kids First is our introductory basketball program designed specifically for children aged between 5 and 10 years of age just beginning in the sport.

It’s designed to introduce kids of this age to the sport in a non-pressured environment with lots of fun and learning.


Children progress at their own rate and parents and players are continually informed about their development.

(1) In the beginner’s stage we concentrate on basic skills and giving the kids plenty of fun.

(2) In the advanced Stage when the kids have gained basic skills we introduce more challenging game skills to prepare them for competition. Drills in this stage are still fun but replicate game skills more widely.

(3) Through the game stage we start the kids playing games with players we assess as ready for the challenge. We keep no scores and coaches are allowed to walk amongst the players on court to give direct instruction and to sometimes even join in to ensure all the kids get involved. They also act as referees to begin teaching the kids the rules of the game.

Once the kids have completed stage three and have been assessed as ready to join a proper team we sort them into teams for to start in a domestic competition.


Interested in registering your child?

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