Bob has started numerous clubs and two Associations from the ground up. He has nearly thirty years of experience in every aspect of club development and administration. This experience includes:-


  • Establishing and running a club administration.
  • Drafting and Implementing a constitution.
  • Recruiting volunteers for the administration of the club
  • Finances, Sponsorship and Fundraising.

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Designing and publishing a club website.
  • Establishing club Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram account.
  • Mounting a social media campaign.
  • Promotions and marketing through the community.

Basketball Program:

  • Recruiting, educating and developing coaches.
  • Conducting and Organising training.
  • Developing players.
  • Team concepts what you can achieve.
  • Establishing pathways at your club.
  • Parents, feedback and heading off complaints.

These are just some of the areas that Bob has developed extensive experience in. Save yourself some of the headaches and pitfalls in managing and administering a club and receive some great advice on what is possible and how to get things right!