When I first started coaching back in 1990 I had no idea what I was doing. Back then basketball was emerging as a mainstream junior sport in Melbourne and there were very few experienced coaches for you to learn from or be mentored by. In those days I ventured into Albert Park on a regular basis as Melbourne’s three NBL squads trained there and sometimes you could catch all three on the one day. It was a wonderful experience to watch coaches of the ilk of Lindsay Gaze, Brian Goorjan and Brett Brown put their players through training and scrimmages and to learn what you could. However much of what they were doing at NBL level wasn’t relevant to coaching and developing juniors. I had to learn the hard way, from books, videos, some coaching clinics and picking up what I could from anybody who I thought knew more than me, which at that stage wasn’t hard to find. Gradually I learnt more and more about the game and I become really comfortable in myself as a coach about eight years into the exercise.

What I would have given to have had a mentor who could have guided and taught me about the art of coaching back then. This one platform that we will really be putting some effort into. Over the next two years, we will be compiling numerous initiatives to teach and guide coaches all through pages on this website. For the extra keen, we will be providing opportunities to attend seminars and classes about various aspects of the game. So if you have just started your coaching journey or if you wish to develop and improve as a coach then the BMBA is for you!

How we can help you become a better coach
At BMBA we will be providing plenty of materials and opportunities for coaches to develop their skills and knowledge base

  • We will be producing videos and written material covering a wide range of subjects. 
  • We will be publishing these videos and written material on a monthly basis. 
  • This will produce an online library for coaches to research and  learn from
  • We will also be conducting seminars and courses for coaches to participate in
  • The above will also make ultimately it possible for candidates to become potential BMBA coaches