Become a parther with the BMBA

At the BMBA we simply cannot continue to operate without well-meaning businesses, both big and small. In 2022 the BMBA conducted “FREE” basketball clinics at 20 schools for over 5,000 students. We also provided chances for juniors to play our great sport whose families couldn’t afford the costs of doing so. We believe there will be more like these junior players who join our ranks in 2023.


We have more “FREE” clinics booked in for 2023  and they were received so well, we believe that our 2023 calendar will be even busier than our 2022 calendar. After two years of our kids sitting on couches and in front of screens with no sport, no social interaction and precious little physical activity that young brains and bodies desperately require we believe we are providing a crucial service to our communities, especially our youth. It’s an effort we are particularly proud of.


To continue to provide these services we need your help, but we are not begging for charity. Instead as a business, we are providing a business service/product for your business, incredibly at a price of your choosing.


You can partner up with the BMBA through any of the following:


♦  Taking advantage of our business service mentioned above 

♦  Becoming a sponsor in the traditional sense.

♦  Becoming an investor in our business and its programs.

♦  Finally, if you’re really keen, then possibly becoming a full partner.



For further information and details and to see what’s involved read this page and check out our video presentations.



Our elevator pitch to your business


For a short sharp presentation about having your business working with the BMBA then check out this elevator pitch from BMBA owner and director Bob Mann.

A longer pitch

Here’s Looking for more ? then here is a a longer five minute pitch from Bob

A fully detailed PowerPoint presentation

If we have your attention and you are ready for a detailed presentation, then check out lengthier PowerPoint presentation.

Help us to get kids like this playing this year!

No matter how you partner with us, it’s images like these that you will help to perpetuate. Junior boys and girls from across our eastern Melbourne suburbs, coming together, playing sport, making friends and putting smiles on their faces. The BMBA is committed to this and more. Can  we garner your support to continue our mission?