Building better people

Sportspeople can also be great mentors for our youth. At the end of the day it’s not the number of games we win as coaches that is important, it is the positive impact we can have on our player’s lives that counts the most.
At the BMBA we take that responsibility seriously in a very subtle way through the way we conduct our training and the code we abide by.
As published through our fliers and website we make two programs available through our program to implement this. For those that are faith-based inclined, we offer our “Christianity through hoops” program, for those who are not, we put in place our “Community through hoops” program. The BMBA welcomes everybody as long as they embrace, a great attitude endeavour and a passion for life and our sport.
Our “Community through Hoops” program, is embedded throughout our basketball program, while our “Christianity through Hoops” program is a matter of choice. You can rest assured we don’t ram Christian dogma down people’s throats, we just adopt an American style subtle approach with a gentle sports prayer before our session that asks for strength, compassion and care for each other and protection for our participants from injury and sickness. This ensures that no matter a person’s faith or lack thereof that they can join in if they wish to do so.
Read about our people building programs below.

Christianity through Hoops

In our clinics and promotion of our camps to Catholic/Christian schools, one of the things we highlighted was our “Christianity through hoops” program. For those who wish to participate in this program, we will be conducting it at this camp.
The unique thing about the BMBA is that through our shared love of basketball and our passion for it we want to also instil old school values of integrity, honesty of effort, resilience, compassion and caring, sportsmanship and of course effort in overcoming odds and challenges.
It’s why we picked the Templars as our mascot/logo. There is nothing more noble and chivalrous than the medieval night and the most honourable of them all was the ancient Templar nights.
Through this, we came up with the concept of “Christianity through hoops” and “Community through Hoops”. You can see more about our Christianity through hoops concept by clicking here Pay particular attention to the prayer huddles in the USA sports videos. This is quite common in the States. The most notable example of this is the reigning NBA champions the Milwaukee Bucks who get together after every game in the middle of the court to pray to whoever is their god and give thanks.
For those who wish to, like the Bucks, we will be conducting a special basketball prayer to commence our sessions, thanking God for what we have in our lives and asking him to look over us during the camp to keep us safe from injury while also asking him to deliver a bunch of fun at the same time. We hope he is listening.
I need to emphasise this is not compulsory and is intended to be a subtle endeavour that allows people of all faiths to participate. If you would prefer for your son/daughter not to participate that is also fine, just please let us know either way.

Community through Hoops

For those who prefer for their child not to participate in the “Christianity through hoops” program, we utilise our community through hoops program, where we simply go over our code of ethic or our moral code. (refer below)
I think you can agree, in these days and times a little of the below can only be beneficial. As our saying goes “Building better players, mentoring better people.
Our goals is not to just give our junior participants great basketball skills, but in the subtlest of ways to embed in them great people skills and values as well. Below are three examples f Knight codes that encourage noble and ethical behaviour. At the moment we are still working out what exactly our code will be, but you get the idea
If you feel you need to talk to us further in relation to this, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The BMBA Templar Code

Why the Templars?
We chose the Templars as we believe some values are eternal.
We don’t just want our symbol/mascot to project strength and tenacity, we want it to be something that defines our culture and the values we want to embed amongst our participants and players.
While the Templar Knights were fierce Medieval Warriors, they also lived by a code of honour, respect and courage and they dedicated their lives to self-sacrifice in the pursuit of servitude towards others.
We believe that this represents the culture we want to build within our program perfectly. An idea of the code we wish to develop is below. We will be designing our own player code for all participants at the BMBA in the next school term.