Westall Secondary College

Westall Secondary College

On Wednesday the 22nd of June, we enjoyed the enormous privilege of conducting a basketball clinic with some very keen students at Westall Secondary College. We ran two sessions for both boys and girls from years 7, 8 & 9. We were extremely impressed with the potential we saw and were excited at the prospect of how that potential could be developed with some proper coaching through a more thorough training program, which is what the BMBA is all about.

At the conclusion of the clinic all the participants were handed a flyer with information about the BMBA.

This website page is designed to complement that flyer and  provide you with answers to questions that you may have as a parent while also providing other avenues for you to ask even more questions more directly.

Our hope is that enough interest will be generated to conduct after school training sessions, form teams and have your son/daughter playing in competition basketball.

What Now?

If we have generated some interest in your son/daughter about the game then it will be very easy to follow up to have them engage more fully. If this is the case for your child and you wish to follow up on today’s clinic, then read the below to decide what suits you the best.

Joining or forming a team straight away

We currently enter teams in the Southern Basketball Association’s domestic competitions. This competition is based out of Sandringham, Cheltenham and Mentone across a number of venues with it’s headquarters at the magnificent 4-court stadium in Tulip Street which soon will become and eight court stadium. They have competitions for teams in U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 Age groups.

They are starting a new Spring competition at the commencement of term three, so if there is enough players interested (we would need at least six players, preferably seven to form a team) we could then register a team for that season and have the kids playing the first week back at school after the holidays.

The Major issue we have is that they are closing entries this Sunday, the 26th of June so we would need to have boys/girls registered by then, so we would have to be quick in getting this organised.

If you would like this to happen then please CLICK HERE and complete the online registration form and we will get the ball rolling on team entries, communications, training etc.

Forming a team for term 4 competition

Another option would be to conduct after-school training throughout term three at Westall SC and look to form and enter a team or two into the McKinnon Basketball Association’s Summer domestic competition which starts in Term Four. The McKinnon Basketball Association operates very similarly to the SOuthern Basketball Association and operates from venues throughout the city of Glen Eira. Another option could be the Waverley Basketball Association. All these competitions would be between a 15 and 20 minute drive away for players and their families. 

In preparing players and teams through term three, we will be able to work through the benefits and cons of each competition before deciding where to enter teams

To register for term three after-school training at Westall CLICK HERE   or scroll to the bottom of this page and complete our online form there.

Just want to train?

Finally, your son/daughter may not be ready yet to join a team for competition or may lack the confidence to do so. That is fine, we are more than prepared to just train players interested in the game and work with them to build their skill level and confidence through after-school training. To register just CLICK HERE  or scroll to the bottom of this page and complete our online form there.

Zoom Q and A meeting

Would you like more information before deciding on what to do? Then we have the perfect thing. We have been holding zoom Q and A meetings every Monday and Friday evening for interested people to get online and find out more directly from us. You can register for these meetings by  CLICKING HERE



CONTACT EMAIL: bob_mann@bmba.net.au

CONTACT MOBILE: 0490 823 400

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