For Girls Born in 2014, 2015 and below

We have entered a U10 Girl’s team into the Southern Basketball Association’s Autumn season. This season commences on Thursday the 13th of July.


Games for the U10 Girls competitions are played on Thursday evenings/nights after school. Start times for games are 4:15pm, 5:00pm, 5:45pm, 6:30pm and 7:15pm.


Games are played at the Association’s main venue at the following venues


Sandringham Leisure Centre – 150 Tulip Street Cheltenham.

Mentone Girls Secondary College – 175 Balcombe Road, Mentone


NOTE: The majority of the games are played at the Sandringham Leisure Centre where 4 new courts are currently being added to the existing four-court facility.Spring


You will need to register twice for this competition. Once for the Southern Basketball Association (SBA) and once for the BMBA. The SBA registration fee covers the Basketball Victoria fees and insurance, our registration fee covers the team registration fee and match fees charged by the SBA.


Southern Basketball Registration – Costs is approximately $36.00


BMBA Registration – Cost is $500.00 which covers training for terms 3 and 4, season scoresheet fees for each game and coaches costs.


NOTE 1: The vast majority of the games are played at the Sandringham Leisure Centre where 4 new courts are currently being added to the existing four-court facility. Once completed all games will be played there.


NOTE 2: When playing in a team you will be expected to participate in our BMBA “Basketball Plus Training” for the terms covered by this Spring season. This is Term 3 & 4 of the 2023 school calendar. This costs $250.00 per term or $500.00 for the whole season. So you pay no more than if you just register for our “Basketball Plus” sessions for each term. GREAT VALUE!


NOTE 3: When you register with the BMBA via our registration button below and pay the registration fees, we will then send you the registration link for the Southern Basketball Association to register your daughter with our team.


For more information about the Southern Basketball Association, please CLICK HERE


We have plenty of uniforms in stock. Once registered we can arrange to have some uniforms at training for your try with your child. Our uniform design is below.


UNIFORM: New players need to purchase our uniform “Starters Kits”.  The cost for our new start kit is$140.00. This comprises a reversible top, shorts and a polo. For the extra keen, there will also be polos, hoodies, socks, bags tracksuit tops and more to purchase moving forward. 


STADIUM ENTRY: There is a stadium entry charged by the SBA of $4.00 for spectators for junior matches. This can be reduced with the purchase of a stadium entry card, for further information n this CLICK HERE.


FINALS: If your daughter’s team makes finals, then for those games teams will have to cover their match fees on the day and pay the Stadium Door fee when entering the stadium. We hope that proves to be the case.


There’s nothing like making a little history. That’s what you will be doing in registering your daughter for a BMBA Templar Warriors team.


After finishing our inaugural season, we are keen to keep on building this wonderful new basketball program. Every new thing our teams and players achieve creates a little bit of inaugural history. Already, our first finals teams and our first Grand Final team has been decided this past Autumn season, but there is much more to achieve and many more firsts to register. 


It’s an exciting time to be a part of the BMBA.


On top of that, they will have the exciting opportunity to start their basketball journey supported by elite-level coaching and training. With the correct attitude, they will get better every week.


We look forward to receiving your daughter’s registrations and to begin helping them on their exciting basketball journey.